Client Admin Features

Default Features

  • Provides a new style for the Django Admin interface.
  • Provides a dashboard with draggable widgets.
  • Creates a menu persistent on all admin pages.
  • Provides a system of admin bookmarks that allow users to quickly star favorite pages and have them available from the menu.
  • Provides a ClientModelAdmin class to inherit from that improves default widgets and settings.
  • Provides an additional inline type, Grouped, that acts much like a Stacked inline but floats each field group instead of clearing them.
  • Allows admin templates to extend Jinja2 templates. Assuming certain blocks are present in your template, this means the admin interface could inherit a header and footer from the front-end templates.

Additional Features

  • Provides nested inline formsets for ModelAdmin classes.
  • Adds an advanced search form to change list views.
  • Provides an improved generic-foreignkey widget.
  • Provides an improved Raw ID foreignkey widget that displays unicode instead of the object’s pk.
  • Includes revision history and deleted object recovery via django-reversion